RESEARCH BASICS: Steps, Primary Sources ...

bookSteps in the Research Process
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Steps in the Research Process
A list of ten steps

  • STEP 1: Formulate your question
  • STEP 2: Get background information
  • STEP 3: Refine your search topic
  • STEP 4: Consider your resource options
  • STEP 5: Select the appropriate tool
  • STEP 6: Use the tool
  • STEP 7: Locate your materials
  • STEP 8: Analyze your materials
  • STEP 9: Organize and write
  • STEP 10: Compose your bibliography

Think about the flow of information. Which part (or parts) of the timeline cover your topic's focus? Who (or what type of source) would publish the information? What sources would offer background information?

Now you're ready to begin your search.

Primary and Secondary Sources

This very good SchoolTube video, created at Hartness Library, Vermont, explains the differences between your primary and your secondary sources.