Reading Leads to Success!

New information about how the brain learns, neuroplasticity and metacognition can help students improve their skills in all areas.

  • Potential is the brain’s ability to learn new information and improve abilities leading to better functioning in academics, sports, arts and other fields.
  • Experts are those who have developed vast skill through consistent, intentional practice. Great accomplishments require between 5,000 and 10,000 hours of high quality practice.
  • What the best performers in all fields share in common is that they think about their own thinking as they practice the skill they are trying to hone. Monitoring your own thinking is called metacognition.
  • Students who believe they can be successful and who implement metacognitive strategies like stopping in the moment to observe their thoughts, anticipating problems and taking corrective action, and evaluating successes and failures as they happen, develop the brain power and specific skills to achieve to their highest potential.


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