About Us

El Paso High School has a very rich history and an extremely diverse population of students.  The school was built in 1916 at the location you know as Our Lady on the Hill; however the first campus was built in 1884 and was called Central School.  Our campus’ unique Greco Roman architecture is inspired by the Portico of Octavia in Rome and is listed on the National Historic Register.  Now 99 years later, El Paso High is continuing an impressive legacy.  EPHS has been educating students for almost 100 years and have a rich history of famous alumni. Here are a few examples:


·         Beto O’Rourke—Attended El Paso High and is now a U.S. Representative for Texas 16th District

·         William D. Hawkins – Hawkins Street and USS W.D. Hawkins destroyer is named after him.

·         Jake Ehrlich stood 8 feet 6 inches tall and once held the title of ‘Tallest Man in the World. 

·         F. Murray Abraham won an Academy Award for his role in Amadeus. 

·         Actress Lupe Ontiveros has appeared in Desperate Housewives, Charlie’s           Angels and Selena to name a few.

·         Jim Ward musician with the group Sparta and Grammy award winning musician,
      Cedric Bixler-Zavala from the group Mars Volta are also EPHS alumni. 

·         Marc McCall was a gifted basketball player who had a great career at UTEP and then went on to play for the Harlem Globetrotters for several years.


In addition many of the staff at El Paso High School were former students.  They walk these halls with great pride for their school, their history and their tradition.  When you graduate from El Paso High you take great memories and lasting love for your alma mater.


The student body mostly comes from Wiggs Middle School, however we get a few students form Armendariz Middle School and various private school students. Wherever you come from, you are now and will forever be a TIGER!


El Paso High School is a place where all students have the opportunity to achieve success both academically, personally and in extra-curricular activities.


The Visual Arts (Band, Orchestra, Choir, Theater, Dance) at El Paso High School continually receives superior ratings at competitions.


Our athletic programs are among the toughest in the city.  Volleyball, Football, Swimming, Golf, Cross Country and Tennis compete for district yearly and are among the most competitive teams in the city.  All of our sports are highly competitive and build a lasting foundation of self-worth, sportsmanship, leadership, and pride.